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From a post on another list:

> The Crystal Cathedral has declared bankruptcy. They are in the hole for 7.5 million bucks. One of their creditors is trying to collect for the rental on some camels from the last Christmas pageant.
> One is tempted to ask that if their preaching and teaching is biblical, would not the Lord see to it that their needs are met?

Far too many churches these days are emergent or so-called “seeker
sensitive” churches, interested much more in filling seats than in
saving souls. Entertainment is the order of the day, with millions
spent on big buildings, huge computer display screens, the latest and
most expensive musical instruments and video equipment. Out of a 90
minute “service”, 30 minutes are spent on loud rock music, 45 minutes
are spent on a sermon (which is composed of mostly warmed-over pop
psychology with a loud and over-dramatic delivery and, if you are
lucky, a few scriptural quotes thrown to make it all relevant), 14
minutes of miscellaneous “this is what we’re doing this week with your
tithes and offerings” (with only a partial accounting of such, of
course), and about 60 seconds of prayer “led” by some stuffed shirt
standing in a pulpit and everyone else sitting on their collective
rear ends with their eyes closed trying not to fall asleep.

Contrast this to the early church, the body of believers that
measured, according to Acts, in the thousands. They met in small
groups in people’s homes, they shared everything they had, they ate
together, they looked after each other – but most of all, they prayed.
Then they prayed some more. In fact, from a careful reading of Acts,
that’s a lot of what they did. Their main purpose was not to be
entertained, but to worship God. No big buildings, no sound systems,
no computers, no paid professional clergy – just them and God. You’re
right, Ol’ John – whatever happened to “lean not on thine own
understanding”, or “seek ye *first* the kingdom of God and his
righteousness, and all these things will be added unto you”? These
days, I can’t tell the difference between a church service and a rock

Throughout history, time and time again, miracles, healings, and all
kinds of miraculous things occurred among the prayerful. Every
notable Christian author over the last 2000 years speaks about the
infinite power of prayer, about the peace that comes from “coming
alongside God”, from an intimate relationship with the Holy (as Tozer
puts it), but the praying church is largely ignored today. No wonder
our so-called “mega” churches are failing – they have nothing to hold
them up. No real faith, no prayer, nothing but entertainment, fueled
by a (hopefully) endless stream of money. Gone are the days of people
coming to church to pray and to worship – now people go to church to
be entertained and to go home feeling good that they’ve gone to
church, thinking that merely being in a building called a “church”
cuts any ice whatsoever with God.

And people think they’re “saved”. It’s so very sad what the body of
Christian believers thinks is Christianity these days.


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  1. Amen to that brother…
    ps..forgot to mention the fashion show that these “followers” put on every Sunday morning.

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