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OK, so why am I awake at 3 am? Is it because I think better at night, or after a nap? Or is it because God speaks to me better in the still of the early morning?

It seems like God speaks to me at the quietest times of day. That “still, small voice” comes through when I’m lying in bed, or in the shower, or any other time my mind isn’t occupied with the thousand-and-one other things I have to do to keep food on the table and the lights on. Sometimes conviction, sometimes instruction – but always enlightening, and I wonder why other people don’t hear as clearly – is it that they don’t take the time to listen, or they set a time limit on hearing God, or that they’re just too busy, pushing the things that matter the most to the bottom of their to-do list where they will rarely, if ever, be seen? Or maybe it’s ego, the certainty that one is on the right path, even when that small, inner voice is whispering vaguely disquieting things in one’s ear?

Meanwhile, I lie in bed, waiting for sleep, listening to Sandi Patti sing “I’d Rather Have Jesus” in my head…


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