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Monthly Archives: January 2010

Kevin Kelleher posted this over on GigaOM – here’s my reply:

What’s even clearer is that what Microsoft can’t dominate, it tries to destroy.  What it can’t dominate or destroy it is baffled by, and so lumbers around like a bull in a china shop.

I can see Ballmer and Gates having that kind of discussion – “But Bill, we haveto have that sort of ‘finger in the pie’ on the Web, no matter how much we lose!”  That’s also understandable, but I think Microsoft will come to a point where it will have to play to its strengths – Windows, Office, SQL Server, and related – and minimize their losses in other areas.   With the way the economy isn’t recovering, that point may come sooner rather than later – but there’s a better way.

If I were Microsoft, I’d embrace the up-and-coming standards and practices for web-based apps (like JQuery and other technologies that allow one to develop platform-agnostic apps), instead of pretending to “adopt” them but with the intent to subvert and weaken them.  I’d be the biggest purveyor of JQuery and/or Dojo apps and libraries, picking up revenue with high-end applications and consulting.

It’s sad that with Microsoft’s size, they could be *the* dominant player in the market, but because of short-sightedness and egoism, wastes enormous amounts of time and money trying to duke it out with the likes of Yahoo and Google, when they could be playing to their strengths…


OK, so why am I awake at 3 am? Is it because I think better at night, or after a nap? Or is it because God speaks to me better in the still of the early morning?

It seems like God speaks to me at the quietest times of day. That “still, small voice” comes through when I’m lying in bed, or in the shower, or any other time my mind isn’t occupied with the thousand-and-one other things I have to do to keep food on the table and the lights on. Sometimes conviction, sometimes instruction – but always enlightening, and I wonder why other people don’t hear as clearly – is it that they don’t take the time to listen, or they set a time limit on hearing God, or that they’re just too busy, pushing the things that matter the most to the bottom of their to-do list where they will rarely, if ever, be seen? Or maybe it’s ego, the certainty that one is on the right path, even when that small, inner voice is whispering vaguely disquieting things in one’s ear?

Meanwhile, I lie in bed, waiting for sleep, listening to Sandi Patti sing “I’d Rather Have Jesus” in my head…